Your health, safety and wellbeing are the primary concern of all at Jim’s Farm.

Our water is sourced from our own wells, which are fed from local mountain streams. All our water then goes through sand and charcoal filters, and drinking water is also UV filtered for total security.

We have our own electricity sub-station and our own back-up generator.

There are well-qualified western trained doctors living nearby and available to us at short notice. There is 24-hour emergency treatment available at state and private hospitals in Kandy, 30 minutes’ drive from the farm off-peak.

We have 24-hour security on the farm, with hotel staff members living in cottages by the front and back gates which are locked at night. A member of staff always sleeps on the ground floor of each Villa at night when guests are present.

Please let us know when you book if you or a member of your party have any special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Contact us at for availability